The Catholic Weekly 9 August 2020

$2 Wearing a mask in any of these settings is not mandatory but is highly recom- mended, especially in areas where there has been community transmission.” Statement by NSW Health PARISHIONERS WILL this weekend be reminded of the government’s strong advice to wear face masks at religious services as an additional safe- guard against coronavirus. TheNSWgovernment issued the strong recommendation last Sunday for people to wear the face coverings in church- es and other public spaces as an inner west Sydney church was closed. St Brigid’s church in Marrickville closed on 2 Au- gust after it was discovered two people with coronavirus had attendedMass on 25 July. It is the fourth Sydney Catholic church to close. Parish administrator Fr Erick Niyiragira CP said the couple wasconsideredlowriskbyNSW Health as they are believed not to have been infectious when they attended theMass. However, the church would be cleaned and closed “un- til further notice” he said in a statement. NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said he “highly”recommended face masks in indoor settings such as on public transport or in supermarkets, in places with a higher risk of transmission such as cafes and other hos- pitality venues, and while attending places of worship. “Wearing a mask in any of these settings is not mandato- ry but is highly recommended, especially in areas where there has been community trans- mission,” NSWHealth said in a statement on 2 August. In a letter to Sydney priests archdiocesan vicar general Fr Gerald Gleeson said that along with maintaining social distancing guidelines as the primary precaution “masks will provide an additional safeguard” against virus trans- mission. He asked parishes to informparishioners of the gov- ernment’s recommendation. Melbourne Archbishop Peter Comensoli said the ris- ing case numbers and daily deaths from the virus in Vic- toria, particularly of people in nursing homes throughout the city were “very, very diffi- cult to grasp at the moment”, as he led a prayer online for the sick, dead and grieving and all those affected by the pandemic. It’s masks at Masses Archdiocesan parishioners will be asked to cover their faces during the Eucharist this weekend ¾ ¾ Marilyn Rodrigues IT’S A long journey from Gold Coast beach babe with no re- ligion to converting to Cathol- icism, marrying a Swiss Guard and living in the Vatican – but Joanne Bergamin has always taken a leap of faith. The Australian, who is in the process of returning with her husband to take up life back in Queensland, has a tale that surely must be unique. Her faith has been richly re- warded with a life most people could only dream. Joanne is theonly layAustral- ian to obtain a Vatican passport and one of about 800 residents of the holy headquarters of the Catholic Church. From fashion and glamour, to wine and religion – looking back on the 13 years she has spent in Italy, Joanne still finds it difficult to comprehend the incredible graces she has been given she has no doubt byGod. CONTINUED ON PAGE 6-7 ¾ ¾ Debbie Cramsie Life,work and love in the Eternal City 9, August, 2020 Feast Day 8 August 2020 “Take fresh courage.” Saint Mary MacKillop 1877 For the ten year anniversary of Mary’s canonisation, please give generously this Feast Day to continue her legacy Joanne, with husband Dominic, enjoys their personal audience with Pope Francis last week before leaving the Vatican to return to Australia. DISMAY OVER HAGIA SOPHIA THERESA’S RUNNING WITH FAITH P3 P12