The Catholic Weekly 26 September 2021

$2 PRO-LIFE POLITICIANS in- cluding Liberal MP Kevin Conolly and Christian Demo- crat MLC Fred Nile have urged people to engage with their lo- cal leaders if they want to pre- vent assisted suicide becom- ing legal in New South Wales. Last weekend the state’s deputy premier John Barilaro said he would support the ex- treme bill. Just days before, Queens- land passed its voluntary as- sisted dying bill 61-30, leaving NSW the only state not to al- low medical professionals to kill patients. Rev Fred Nile said it had been disappointing to see the Labor party members in Queensland “vote almost in a block, when it was supposed to have been a conscience vote”. He said the proposed law in NSW is “not progressive leg- islation, it is regressive ... It is taking society back to a darker and more brutal past,” he said. “In all civilisations, the prohi- bition of intentional killing is a foundation of law. Euthanasia shatters that foundation of the law it shat- ters the foundation of med- icine, it violates the Hippo- cratic Oath … and introduces fear into the lives of the termi- nally ill, elderly and disabled. CONTINUEDON PAGE 2 Lobby your MP now! MPs urge state’s citizens to contact MPs over looming ethical, legal disaster of euthanasia in NSW ¾ Marilyn Rodrigues 26, September, 2021 1800 024 413 | Support vulnerable women to forge a path out of poverty. COULD YOU VISIT JESUS IN JAIL? DATING ADVICE FOR 20S LADIES P14 Brick Brick 67,000 Lego pieces. How’d that happen? - P13 Legislative Council members Kevin Conolly, left, and Fred Nile. by P16