The Catholic Weekly 15 August 2021

$2 15, August, 2021 THE JOURNALIST AND JESUS P12 It is an example of applying greater inten- tionality to the challenge of evangelisation of those in some sense ‘within the fold’ than we ever did in the past.” Archbishop Fisher OP ARCHBISHOP ANTHONY Fisher OP has called on Fam- ily Educators to do all they can to strengthen the Catho- lic identity and mission of Syd- ney Catholic Schools, given the unique role they can play as missionary intentional dis- ciples, strengthening the ties between parishes and school families in an increasingly sec- ular society. The Archbishop delivered an online presentation to over 100 Family Educators on 6 August, entitled “Be a Light in Lockdown: Family Educators and the New Evangelisation”. Established in 2010 with just six people, the Family Educa- tor program now covers nearly every Catholic primary school across the Sydney Catholic Schools network. Family Educators work closely with School Principals and Parish Priests. They lead a range of projects in Catholic schools, which include oppor- tunities for parents to become more engaged in the faith life Be a Light in Lockdown Archbishop Fisher praises unique role that family educators are playing in the NewEvangelisation. ¾ Michael Kenny Our own Aussie Bride of Christ MARIAM ASSAF O.P., says she has “the best spouse ever”. The former parishioner of Holy Name of Mary Parish, Hunters Hill, has just pro- fessed Final Vows along with five others as Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia, in Nash- ville, Tennessee. She represents the in- creasingly international fla- vour of the community of more than 300 Sisters world- wide, including Australia, af- ter being invited to help with ¾ Debbie Cramsie the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney. For the girl from Glades- ville, the day represented the “deep joy that comes with doing God’s will daily”. Coming from a close Leb- anese family, her vows were recited in English first and then in Arabic. “There are no words to truly describe the day,” Sr Mariam told The Catholic Weekly from her new mis- sion in Indiana. “I am totally given to Christ and his church, and this has given way to an even greater freedom inmy heart. I am all his, forever, and He is all mine, forever! “The day of perpetual profession was also a very joyful day because due to COVID-19 our community had not been able to come together in a very long time! “I very much felt the sup- port and prayers of our sis- ters, my family and friends who were livestreaming in Australia, Lebanon and France, and the prayers of everyone in heaven!” CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 of their childrens’ schools, from outreach projects with St Vincent De Paul Night Pa- trols through to art programs where parents make special mementos for their children as they prepare for their First Holy Communion or Confirmation. As Chair of the Australi- an Bishops’ Commission for Catholic Education, Archbish- op Fisher said in an environ- mentofgrowingsecularisation, the role of Family Educators was more critical than ever to help bring students and their families closer to Christ. “They are using new strategies, new thinking, new rhetoric to con- nect people to God and the Church - people who in theory should already be well-con- nected but who may in fact be far from the Church in their everyday lives. It is an example of applying greater intentional- ity to the challenge of evange- lisation of those in some sense ‘within the fold’ than we ever did in the past”, Archbishop Fisher told themeeting. “The corrosive effects of sec- ularisation upon the Catholic DNA are evident in our institu- tions: many Religious Educa- tionteachersnolongerpractice the religion themselves and are unacquainted with or out of sorts with substantial parts of the doctrine and morals they are charged with teaching. “And if ever there was an example of someone placed at the cusp of those three sources of encounter with Christ - fam- ily, parish and school - it is the family educator!”, he said. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 Tania Rimac, a staffer in theArchdiocese of Sydney’s Centre for Evangelisation, takes Family Educators through an Alpha training program in June.The educators will now be able to offer Alpha - a Christian formation program - to parents of students in Catholic schools. PHOTO: GIOVANNI PORTELLI Sr Maria Assaf OP: The newest Dominican Sister of St Cecilia EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: WHAT EVERY WOMAN NEEDS TO KNOW P16 Life and health