The Catholic Weekly 8 August 2021

$2 International and national codes of medical and nursing ethics all the way back to Hippocrates have all forbidden killing by health professionals: they are healers not killers.” Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP ARCHBISHOP ANTHONY Fisher OP has launched a scathing attack on proposed euthanasia laws in NSW, warning there are inadequate safeguards in them to prevent people with mental illness from qualifying for euthana- sia and to protect Catholic aged care homes from hav- ing to carry out euthanasia on their premises. The Archbishop was speak- ing at an online Zoom forum, Choosing Death for the Dying , organised by Sydney Catho- lic Youth on 28 July which brought together 270 attend- ees, including hundreds of young adults as well as teach- ers and school principals. NSW Independent MP, Alex Greenwich intended to table a private members’ bill on euthanasia on 12 August, but with parliamentary sittings adjourned in August, it is un- clear when Mr Greenwich will push ahead with his plans. Under Mr Greenwich’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill , doctors would be allowed to suggest euthanasia to their patients, as long as informa- tion about treatment options and palliative care is also pro- vided. Mental illness- including a diagnosis of clinical de- pression- would not prevent a person from accessing eu- thanasia or assisted suicide and faith-based aged care facilities that object to eutha- nasia would still need to allow doctors and nurses on to the premises for every stage of the euthanasia process, including allowing them to enter and kill a patient on site. Archbishop Fisher has warned the proposed laws contravene not only basic Christian principles, but also those followed for centuries by the medical profession as well. “Till recently it’s been a de- fining principle of our health- care professions that they nev- er kill or harm their patients or assist others to do so. Interna- tional and national codes of medical and nursing ethics all the way back to Hippocrates have all forbidden killing by health professionals: they are healers not killers”, Archbish- op Fisher told the forum of mainly young Catholics. “Some people clearly want to make exceptions, but have they thought through how that will change the profes- sions of medicine and nursing and change the professionals themselves? Do we want our health professionals assess- ing who should live and who should die?” CONTINUED ON P2 SHOCKING STATS - P12 MONICA DOUMIT - P11 Law’s deadly loopholes Greenwichbill would allowmentally ill tobe killed, forceCatholic institutions to comply, warns prelate ¾ Michael Kenny A FAMILY that prays together, stays together … according to the Boutros family of Lidcombe. The parishioners of St Jo- seph’s Maronite Church, Croydon Park, are uniting as a community while in isolation, praying a daily novena at home to St Mary of the Cross MacKil- lop, Patron saint of Australia, to celebrate her feast day on Sun- day and asking for her interces- sion to bring an end to the cur- rent COVIDcrisis. Inspired by parish priest Fr Danny Nouh, parishioners have also purchased hundreds of candles which are being lit daily in theChurchas a sign that while they can’t gather physi- cally they are there together in spirit. And the silver lining to the situation for parents George andRafkaBoutroswithchildren Ava, Christopher, Veronica, John-Luke, Sophia and Amelia (pictured) is being able to em- brace coming together as one Church in daily prayer. ¾ Debbie Cramsie Parish unites in prayer to our St Mary 8, August, 2021 BRINGING LIFE ALIVE FOR KIDS P6 IT’S 50 YEARS OF MASS AT HOME P10 Find the career you deserve The Boutros family of Lidcombe, praying a daily novena through the intercession of St Mary MacKillop. PHOTO: GIOVANNI PORTELLI