The Catholic Weekly 11 July 2021

$2 We see voluntary assisted suicide laws in some countries, originally applicable on a voluntary basis for dying adults only, grad- ually extended to those whose condition is not terminal, or not even medical.” Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP MEDICAL EXPERTS includ- ing specialist palliative care doctors will give key talks at public meetings across Syd- ney over the next month on the dangers of legalising as- sisted suicide and euthana- sia, and what people can do in response to the latest push in NSW. With Independent MP Alex Greenwich set to introduce a draft Bill to parliament in Au- gust, NSW Labor Opposition Leader Chris Minns said he would not support assisted dy- ing and would allow his party a conscience vote on the issue. Premier Gladys Berejiklian has also expressed her oppo- sition, and it is unclear how the Bill would progress as she also gave an assurance follow- ing the 2019 abortion debate that there would be no further conscience votes during the current term of parliament, which is due to run for two more years. In a statement last week, Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher OPwarned that attempts to “sugarcoat state-sanctioned killing” of certain citizens and assisting in suicides is a “disas- trous move”. The archbishop said that such laws are “di- ametrically opposed to the spirit that inspires the care Catholic institutions offer”. Horror at the revelations fromthe AgedCare Royal Com- mission and the response to the pandemic showed theprinciple of the sanctity of life is still wide- ly held, he said. Archbishop Fisher also warned of the possibility of “bracket creep”. “Already in Australia’s short experience of this we have found the law ap- plied to far more people than was first expected and there has already been a concerted campaign to relax the sup- posed ‘safeguards’ that were put in place to sell those laws,” he said. “Looking overseas we see voluntary assisted suicide laws in some countries, originally applicable on a voluntary basis for dying adults only, gradually extended to thosewhose condi- tion is not terminal, or not even medical, and to children and the unconscious.” The Chris- tian Medical and Dental Fel- lowship of Australia (CMDFA) is running a petition calling for Premier Berejiklian to oppose the introduction of new laws which would allow euthanasia and physician-as- sisted suicide in the state. National chair Professor John Whitehall told media the organisation rejects Mr Greenwich’s suggestion that euthanasia and assisted su- icide “constitute a form of medical care” . CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 Doctors’ dire warning on euthanasia push Talks across Sydneywill explode the sentimental myths used to legalise assisted suicide, euthanasia ¾ Marilyn Rodrigues 11, July, 2021 TREATING HUMANS AS THE DISEASE THE REAL COST OF INNOCENCE P11 P18 The NSW Parliament will soon decide whether euthanasia and assisted suicide will be debated. Most Australians have no idea what the real issues are but have been swayed by sentiment encouraged by popular TV personalities. However expert talks across Sydney will scrutinise the real issues - and bring the dangers of state-sanctioned killing to light. PHOTO FREEPIK.COM